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A fundraising abstract

When I grew up, it used to be called Bombay. Today it’s called Mumbai.

Whatever it’s called, and whether it’s then, or now, those who had or have plenty breathe the same polluted air as those who have nothing. Little has changed, or so it seems.

The wealthy experience the same noisy chaos as those who make it.

They turn the same corners as those who live on them.

They observe the same vibrant need as those who are the need.

Living in 21st century Mumbai is not for the fainthearted.

When all comes together, it is rich in its rags and ragged in its richness.

When Mumbai puts on its clothes, when it dresses itself, the inequalities of man are exposed.

The great divide in Mumbai needs the great provide, and they are right next door to each other.

The great unwashed of the streets are the great unwaged of life, an unreachable people group who live under the sun, seemingly untouchable – and unbelievable.

At night, they return to their slumber, precarious on the bonnets of their decrepit taxis, or under their makeshift canvas shelters, their feet hanging out of the end of some bed linen that isn’t there.

In Mumbai, entrepreneurial and fast, life goes on for hours, days at a time without anyone really noticing, without anyone realising that everything is happening but nothing is really changing. 

The days come and go, the seasons too, the passers-by pass by, the pedestrians walk the living obstacle course (otherwise known as the pavement), and the fruit sellers sell their pomegranates.

And all of this is a wonderful photo opportunity for the tourists, a timeless assignment for the photo-journalists.

It’s a mismatch of funding, of provision and of resources.

But what I like about the subject and his photographer is that God created them both, and He loves them equally.

There is no inequality in God’s eyes. He loves them all to bits.

And that’s the equality that the photo contents, the slum dwellers and the people sellers, the bank execs, hi-spec -techs, and fundraisers the world over, need to hear….and now!

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