Arts & Poetry


Have you seen her? Have you found her?

Did you seek her?

Perhaps you haven’t yet looked for her.

And what will you do if you find her?

Reject her? Ignore her? Despise her?

That would be unwise.

Such foolishness, surely, would be the very reason that you desire her?

For finding her in life is the prize.

But who is she, and where does she reside?

How can you meet her?

How can you come alongside her?

She is elusive to those who don’t search for her

But available to those who are eager to make her acquaintance.

You do not have to travel far, or wide

To find the one who will guide.

When you find her, she will help you to make sense of what is behind

And take your hand for the journey ahead.

To know her is to take a step closer

To the destination where one day

We will all gather.

Such a rare find is to be treasured

And not rejected.

Such an elusive hope needs to be protected.

Such a heavenly gift cannot be measured

But should be welcomed, respected.

For without it we are fools…

But with it, a little less so…

And there is always more, an infinite pool

Of wisdom from which we can draw water.

It is constantly renewed.

Refreshing and restorative water, living and breathing.

Dip your hand in to see, and feel,

Water for the soul, wisdom for the days ahead.

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