Beware of distractions

Going off on a tangent mid-feature can lose your reader.

How easily we get distracted from the task at hand. Whether it be in life, in love or in our writing.

Sadly, I have a good track record in all three areas!

The problem with distraction in feature writing is that you only have a limited number of words by which to convey your story. You can’t afford to go off on a tangent.

Always remember that it’s easier for the casual reader to turn a page in a magazine than to stop and read the story in front of them. Once they have started to read your feature, you need to keep them engaged.

If you feel that you are subject to distraction, re-read your work before sending it to your editor. If the need arises, and you feel that the flow is interrupted by what might seem to be in retrospect an inadvertent distraction when writing, simply re-write that brilliantly written but out of context paragraph and get the article back on track.

Losing the plot in your writing or the reader in mid-flow can seriously damage your chances of them ever reading one of your articles again.