Everybody is a story

Think local and lateral for a sure fire feature

When you lack inspiration (as we writers often do), for your next feature pitch, keep it simple. Think neighbour, friend, relative, community and even beyond. Where will your mind wander to, I wonder?

Everyone has a story, and some are more interesting than others.

How many times have you sat down with that grandparent, or an elderly neighbour, and heard those ‘gold-dust’ stories from their childhood, those pearls of wisdom from their past, their connections with major historical events or people that you didn’t know existed?

Or how about that friend from the school gate, from the gym or from church, who has suddenly announced that they are climbing Kilimanjaro for charity?

Or even that local sportsman, who has been picked for the county trials?

We are only five contacts away from HM the Queen, or so we are told. So it shouldn’t be too hard to glean a story from our own friends and neighbourhoods, and pitch it to the local paper, or a national magazine or an online website.

Let’s think locally, and laterally, for our next feature, next time we are stuck for content matter.