Rejection is real, but someone else’s opinion of your work is only that, an opinion. Once we come to terms with their right to reject our work, we can ‘go write ahead’ and be that person we were created to be.”

Workshop Options

Encounter with God and Go Write Ahead are aimed at motivating you in order to build confidence and stimulate you on your writing journey. Both courses conclude with practical outcomes for you to take away into the next stage.

The workshops are suitable for a maximum of six participants, and can take place in person or online. One to one coaching is also available as an online only option.

Two session workshop focussing on the Psalmists and how we might learn from them

A short, three module course exploring some key questions to get you started on your writing journey

Private coaching customised for you, aiming to explore your motivation and barriers, and how to move forward

How can a workshop help me?

Writing workshops are a great way to unleash your untapped talent, explore your motivations, discover what inspires you, and get you started. Words on the page – first words – are the stepping stones to releasing you into the writing journey. I have met many folk who have told me that they are unfulfilled because they didn’t have the time, the means, or the courage, to explore their passion.

Many of us want to write books, but leaping from zero to hero in one fell swoop is, in my view, one way to guarantee failure. The incremental writing journey, on the other hand, can help you gain confidence along the way.

I can still remember the day, more than 20 years ago now, when, as a shy, aspiring journalist, I received the magazine Racket World in the post. I eagerly opened the package, skimmed through the pages to find the short article I had been asked to write by the publisher. At the top of the page sat my byline, in what seemed at the time to be glorious technicolour but which in reality, was mono, 8 point text. I didn’t care – it felt great, and it launched my desire to write more.

I never take for granted the privilege of a byline. It is the ultimate accolade for a feature writer.

The workshops I offer aim to help you – however much writing you may have done in the past and whatever stage of life you are at – to enjoy that same ‘wow’ moment, and then go on to have many more of them.