Encounter with God

Focussing on the Psalmists, this workshop provides all of the inspiration you could need to get started. The teaching came about during a retreat towards the end of 2019, when Alastair was spontaneously asked to run a session by a retreat centre trustee. The outcome was a group of first timers who had always wanted to write for themselves but who had never known how to get going. They had the desire but struggled to find inspiration.

This two session workshop is for people who would like to begin their own personal writing journey but don’t quite know how to get going. The focus is more on establishing confidence in those who would simply like to write for themselves in a personal, not a professional capacity.

The sessions work best in a small group context, with an emphasis on inspiration and motivation. We will explore what motivated the Psalmists to write what they did and how, in doing so, they became international best-selling authors. We will look at how and what we might learn from them in order to stimulate our own writing journeys, concluding with practical steps towards writing our first features, and marketing them.

What’s the cost and how do I book?

£45 inclusive of two, one hour sessions

Optional, additional review session available for £20

All prices are per person, up to a maximum of six per workshop